Road conditions in Quebec and the impact on transport


Due to its vast territory, harsh climate, and sparse population, maintaining and developing Quebec's road network is a complex challenge. The transportation sector is greatly affected by the state of Quebec's roads. Let's explore how road deterioration impacts freight transport companies.

Causes of Quebec road deterioration
Over 50% of Quebec's roads are in poor condition, largely due to the harsh winters. Quebec's longer freeze periods make roads vulnerable during thaws, leading to load restrictions. Water infiltration and freezing cause potholes as pavement expands and then collapses. Salt and abrasives, while useful in certain conditions, accelerate road degradation. Salt corrodes concrete structures, reducing impermeability. Water penetration and freezing result in cracks and ruptures.

Impact On Freight Transport Companies
Motorists and truckers face precarious road conditions. Transport companies bear the brunt of this, with reduced efficiency, longer travel times, increased maintenance costs, and tire damage. Heavy transporters invest more to ensure goods reach their destination intact.

Road construction challenges
To improve matters, the Quebec Ministry of Transport initiated road projects. Yet, these cause traffic delays, fuel consumption, and detours, creating a headache for the trucking industry.

The entire industry struggles due to Quebec's road conditions, incurring significant expenses for repairs without alternative routes.