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Our commitment
to fulfillment.

Today's consumers are used to very fast shipping options, leading to high demand for fast, on-time shipments. Without a consistent, timely order fulfillment process, you may struggle to get shipments delivered on time, which can hurt your business (and bottom line).

At Bulletproof Logistics, we achieve our commitment to fulfillment by collaborating closely with our customers. We pride ourselves on being an integral part of your team, seamlessly connected and working together towards quick and efficient success.

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Our fulfillment
services include.

Logistics kitting involves compiling multiple products into a single "kit" for efficient shipping. It streamlines processes, lowers costs, speeds up order fulfillment, and improves shipment tracking and customer satisfaction. For example, when ordering from different vendors on Amazon, kitting minimizes packages and reduces expenses for both customers and logistics companies.
Pick & Pack
The pick-and-pack service is vital for order fulfillment. It involves collecting products from warehouses and packing them for shipping. Speed, skill, and accuracy are key to success. Any inefficiency can harm the customer experience, leading to dissatisfaction and loss of business. Ultimately, pick, pack, and ship services ensure items are safely packed and shipped with the correct labels and invoices.
Packaging & Repackaging
Packing is a vital part of the logistics supply chain, involving documentation, sorting, and storage of goods. It directly impacts shipping costs, as carriers now prioritize space-efficient packaging due to dimensional weight pricing. Bulletproof specializes in expert packing procedures, providing clients with properly packaged parcels at an affordable cost. Repackaging, another value-added service, involves making changes or reconfigurations to products, for example, to use personalized branded packaging, accommodate customer requests, or modify pre-assembled kits in warehouses.
Labeling plays a role in accurately identifying and tracking products. Barcode labeling, including UPC code labels, is essential for efficient inventory management and seamless integration with major retailers like Walmart, Costco, and others. Adhering to their specific labeling requirements, such as barcode formats, font sizes, and label placement, is crucial for smooth product handling, compliance, and improved supply chain visibility. Proper labeling ensures retailers can easily scan and track products, reducing errors and delays, while facilitating effective traceability, quality control, and streamlined distribution processes.
Shrink Wrapping & Strapping
Shrink wrapping offers superior merchandise protection against damage from environmental factors, ensuring product safety. It also extends the shelf life of perishable items. Compared to traditional packaging methods, shrink wrap reduces material usage by up to 70%, leading to cost savings and efficient storage utilization in warehouses. Additionally, shrink wrap simplifies end product disposal.
Quality Control for Goods
Quality control is vital for warehouse efficiency. Although your team may not be responsible for product quality or customer satisfaction commitment, they bear equal responsibility for the quality of their work. As products pass through the distribution center, your team's handling influences their quality. Focusing on order quality, adjusting protocols based on key metrics, and monitoring aspects like order fulfillment time, proper packaging, and efficient loading improve operational efficiency.
Barcoding provides a comprehensive solution that transforms your warehouse or distribution center into a competitive advantage. While the WMS platform is the foundation, effective warehouse management extends beyond a single technology component. Barcoding optimizes various functional areas, including receiving, put-away, picking, packing, shipping, and cycle counting. By leveraging efficient barcoding practices, your facility can achieve enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity, ensuring success in today's competitive landscape.

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Our warehouse
management system
is state-of-the-art.

Accuracy is paramount for efficient distribution. Our WMS platform empowers us to confidently and efficiently handle a large volume of orders. An intelligent warehouse distribution system plays a crucial role in providing visibility to your inventory and ensuring data accuracy. With our WMS system, customers can eliminate costly mistakes inherent in paper-based and manual processes, which are prone to errors.

Our easy-to-use wireless technology, synchronized with modern inventory management software, offers real-time visibility and streamlines warehouse operations, leading to enhanced efficiency.
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WMS features.

Seamless integration, processing
and redundancies
Manual processes take time and are riddled with human errors. With our Warehouse Management System, everything is stored in the cloud — transforming us to a paperless warehouse with cloud redundancies.
Cloud-based control and visibility
We know exactly when, where, and how everything is functioning in our warehouses with complete visibility only for us, but for you as well. With a self-serve portal, you can check your inventory stock at any time — day or night.
Accurate, real-time,
on-demand reporting
The reporting tools provide total insight into your operations with complete clarity, from storage to delivery. See it all.