Millions of square feet
and counting.

Our extensive network of warehouses and fulfillment centers throughout North America covers millions of square feet.

Equipped with an exceptional WMS system, our warehouses maintain the highest level of cleanliness and security standards. Our custom SOPs enable us to handle complex and specialized distribution requirements with ease.

We’ve built a solid network
of state-of-the-art distribution
facilities spanning North America
// Warehouser & Distribution

Our warehousing &
distribution services include.

Complete “pick and pack” distribution
Pick and pack fulfillment, a meticulous workflow carefully crafted to transform newly received inventory into a prepared package for shipping, lies at the heart of every online store order. It stands as a vital component within the realm of direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

We ship over 100 million units annually across retail and e-commerce, providing brands with an easily scalable omni-channel fulfillment solution. Our flexible staffing, on-site engineering, and in-house productivity management enable your operation to scale efficiently for maximum cost savings.
Quality-control inspection of merchandise
Warehouse quality control ensures products are safely and consistently received and dispatched. Shipments are thoroughly inspected to guarantee customers receive top-quality goods. Implementing these procedures helps identify defects early in the supply chain, preserving brand reputation and providing high-quality products to consumers.

Quality control is essential, as it mitigates financial losses, saves time, and maintains customer trust by identifying potential issues before products are shipped out.
Unloading, de-stuffing, and cross-docking of containers
Container loading is a meticulous procedure for efficient shipment. It involves carefully stuffing or de-stuffing items to ensure balanced containers and facilitate smoother transit. Planning plays a crucial role in cross-stuffing or de-stuffing containers, aiming to guarantee legitimate items' safety, efficiency, and intact delivery.

This process prevents the shipment of dangerous or incompatible goods and minimizes the risk of damage during transit. Additionally, unloading should always be carried out in a secure zone to maintain safety standards.
Custom crating needs
Our crating service is designed to handle the load and guarantee the safe arrival of your products without any damage. Whether you require a standard or custom crate, we have you covered. Our expertise extends to creating crates for various shapes, offering double walls, hinged tops, and specialty trade-show crates. Share your requirements with us, and we will design the perfect solution tailored to your protection needs.

Find out about our custom crating service here.
Online inventory reporting
We provide comprehensive services for long-term and short-term storage and efficient inventory management. Our online ordering system offers real-time tracking of inventory levels, enabling seamless online tracking. Automated low-stock re-ordering email notifications ensure timely replenishment. Electronic usage reports and summaries provide valuable insights. With our full pick-and-pack and kitting services, we handle every aspect of order fulfillment. Rest assured that; we maintain the appropriate inventory levels to meet your day-to-day requirements.
Full EDI and API capability
Being EDI and API capable allows Bulletproof to streamline business communications with our partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers. Companies with a structured and sophisticated logistics strategy that includes EDI and API logistics software can improve operational efficiency, increase visibility into their supply chain, and most of all, strengthen customer relationships throughout their ecosystem.

facilities for a
range of products.

We understand the importance of health, sanitation, and safety when it comes to storage services. Customers trust us with a variety of sensitive goods, including food-grade products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical materials. We take pride in our strict policies and are equipped to handle any product with care.
Climate controlled warehouse
Our buildings have modern technology that controls humidity and temperature to keep stored items in perfect condition. Our warehouses are always monitored and have backup generators to maintain the optimal climate settings.
Our pharmaceutical storage facilities are fully GxP-compliant and equipped with redundant security measures and comprehensive SOPs to safeguard your investments and ensure product safety.
We offer storage solutions for beauty products and cosmetics, tracking your inventory, leading to faster fulfillment and high customer satisfaction. Our secure facilities are compliant with industry regulations to protect your products.

& logistics.

Warehouse layout
For all your fulfillment requirements. We cater to a wide range of clients, including wholesale and direct-to-consumer e-commerce.
Heavy Lifting
With our 40-tonne cranes, high-capacity forklifts and cross-docking flatbeds, we have the might to lift and move even the heaviest objects or equipment.
Total Security
We provide on-site storage in a secure vault container, protecting your valuables and giving you peace of mind.
Safety & Maintenance
The safety and maintenance of our warehouses are our top priorities. We demonstrate this by conducting routine site inspections covering safety, pest control, and thorough employee training at all our locations.
Quality Control
We conduct thorough inspections during the unloading, racking, and loading processes to deliver top-quality goods to our customers.
Inventory Analysis
Our advanced WMS provides real-time stock visibility and precise item placement across our North American facilities; this helps us keep up with quick turnarounds.

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Our Certifications
and Practices.

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shipment ease.

Make it easier to manage your cross-border
shipments between the US and Canada.

1. Connect

Connect sales channels and suppliers to our WMS platform

2. Store

Store your inventory in our
North American network

3. Optimize

Let us rate and route shipments for optimal cost and timing

4. Deliver

Order are picked, packed, shipped and delivered on time

Industrial strength
for any industry.

No matter your industry's needs, Bulletproof Logistics has the equipment and expertise at the ready. We have overhead cranes that can lift up to 40 tonnes, high-capacity forklifts, cross-docking flatbeds, and enough storage to stow large industrial equipment for both the long and short term.

Custom crating.

Constructed to handle the load and ensure your product arrives secure and undamaged. With our custom crating service, we can create a crate for any shape. Just send us a message with your needs, and we’ll design the perfect solution for you.
Standard crates
Standard crates are designed to maximize container volume.
Custom crates
Custom crates are fit to the product or built to customer specifications, designs and/or blueprints.
Specialty crates
Specialty crates include display crates for trade shows and reusable hood crates. They can be hinged, chained, or latched,  have removable walls or a double deck, and more...
Plywood boxes/crates
Plywood boxes/crates are used to lighten air freight and small shipments. They have a lighter deck for reduced weight. For larger or heavier air freight or small but heavy shipments, crates with a heavier deck are preferred.
Bins maximize storage and help
to keep the workplace organized. Bins are widely used on pallet racking to improve safety; they prevent accidental falling loads and provide correct load securing.