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Bulletproof Logistics is your dedicated strategic logistics ally, offering comprehensive land, sea, and air transportation solutions. Our extensive expertise in delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction with cutting-edge technology and a solid worldwide network enables us to enhance and adapt to your supply chain needs effectively.

No matter the size of your package or the magnitude of your shipment, our tailored methodology guarantees the optimal resolution for your ever-changing demands while ensuring compliance with the destination country's customs regulations.

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Transport truck
Dry Van Trailers

Enclosed or box trailers, also known as dry van trailers, are perfect for shipping non-perishable goods. They are fully enclosed and protected from harsh weather and rough roads.

We offer two-, three-, and four-axle options and 48-foot and 53-foot trailer lengths.

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79,000 lbs
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Food & Pharma
Transport truck
Refrigerated trailers

Designed to maintain a specific temperature between -70ºC and 12ºC to keep your cargo fresh on arrival.

We offer two- and three-axle options as well as both 48-foot and 53-foot trailer lengths.

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-70ºC to 12ºC
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60,000 lbs
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Food & Pharma
Transport truck
Curtain Trailers

Curtain-side trailers have a solid front and rear top with hanging tarps. This design protects cargo from the elements and creates a seamless barrier against wind, rain and debris. It's designed to give easy access to your shipment and is used in a wide variety of industries for different cargo types.  
We offer two-, three-, and four-axle options and 48-foot and 53-foot trailer lengths.

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43,000 lbs
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Cargo Versatility
Flatbed trailer
Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are widely used due to their versatility. They have a flat deck that is open on all sides and there is no roof or box to cover the load. This makes them easy to load and unload, but they do not offer protection from the elements. Great for shipping large or wide items, as they can be lifted from above or from the side.    

We offer two- or three-axle options and 48-foot and 53-foot trailer lengths.

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48,000 lbs
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Cargo Versatility
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Industrial or
Large Cargo
Lowboy Trailer
Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy or detachable gooseneck trailers make transporting tall and heavy equipment easier with double-drop features and low deck height. Extra axles can be added to increase weight capacity. Perfect for those who need to move heavy equipment.

We offer  35-, 50-, and 55-ton models.

Weight icon
80,000 lbs
Arrows all direction icon
Cargo Versatility
Excavator icon
Industrial or
Large Cargo
Cargo van
Cargo Vans

Great for cities and urban centers, cargo vans provide a solution for urgent situations when speedy delivery is necessary, granting accessibility to areas inaccessible to standard transport trailers.
We offer compact and high-roof cargo van options.

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3,700 lbs
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Quick &
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Daily Deliveries
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Food & Pharma
// Transport

Our extensive
transport services include.

A combination of non-asset & asset-based solutions
A combination of non-asset & asset-based solutionsWith our extensive private transport fleet, you can rely on many benefits:
 • Our fleet ensures enhanced visibility and efficiency regarding freight transportation.
 • We guarantee improved capacity and dependability, as we own and maintain our assets. Using standardized equipment further amplifies load capacity and predictability, enabling smoother operations. Consequently, you can expect heightened reliability, predictability, and increased capacity.

Through our partners, we can offer specialized and niche transport services outside the traditional scope, tailored to your specific requirements upon request.
Short-haul regional transport
Short-haul trucking refers to transporting loads over relatively shorter distances, usually spanning less than 750 kilometers. This type of trucking operation is executed using a semi-truck or a smaller commercial truck. Its primary purpose is to transport freight within the same state or between neighbouring states. Numerous companies provide regional or local freight services, exclusively focusing on hauling loads within a specific geographic area.

Businesses widely favour short-haul trucking due to its cost-effectiveness compared to long-haul trucking and its ability to deliver goods within a shorter timeframe. It is an ideal solution for companies seeking to efficiently move freight over shorter distances.
Multiple-delivery local transport
Operating within a smaller geographical area, typically limited to a single province, our localized transport services enable us to provide highly efficient shipping options, including same-day or two-day delivery. With a carefully established workflow, we guarantee daily deliveries to renowned retailers.

The advantage of operating within a smaller shipping radius ensures a seamless and prompt handoff of fresh produce, goods, and a diverse range of products to multiple locations, all within a single day.
Cross-border transportation
We know how to navigate customs and transportation regulations, ensuring smooth cross-border operations. By outsourcing your freight transportation to us, you can increase efficiencies, reduce labour demands, and refocus resources on core activities. Bulletproof manages all your cross-border processes seamlessly, integrating with your business from a central point.

We are we are certified in and participate in all border security programs, including FAST, C-TPAT, PIP, CSA and PARS & PAPS. We are also hazmat-certified, SmartWay-certified, and ELD-compliant.
Drop trailer shipping services
Through collaboration with specialized providers, we simplify the targeting of challenging volumes and ensure control over peak/surge capacity at your warehouse.

Our range of committed capacity options, including power only, dedicated on-demand, and more, is readily available to meet your unique requirements. We leverage established trailer pools at external locations, aggregating low-volume lanes and expanding drop trailer execution.
Refrigerated transport
Our climate-controlled transport solutions ensure the integrity of agricultural produce, medical/pharmaceutical products and railway cargo.

Designed to maintain a specific temperature between -70ºC and 12ºC to keep your cargo fresh on arrival.
Access to spot pricing
In short-term, transactional freight pricing, spot rates are utilized to accurately reflect the immediate balance between carrier supply and shipper demand.

Bulletproof can efficiently respond to fluctuating market conditions and secure transportation services based on real-time factors. It allows us to adapt to changing demands and fulfill shipping needs in unique situations.
Integrated visibility across transportation modes
Enjoy real-time customer service excellence with our logistics company. Our dedicated support team can readily assist you with shipment tracking, delivery updates, and other logistics-related inquiries. We prioritize responsiveness and personalized solutions to ensure a seamless customer service experience tailored to your needs.
Less-than-truckload (LTL)
A returned product isn’t at the end of its life. Find cost savings and operational efficiencies with a thorough inspection to determine whether products should be reshelved, repaired, or salvaged for parts before resorting to recycling and disposal. Keep customers happy with an easy, seamless returns process and add efficiency to your supply chain with in-house returns inspections.
Cross-border and safety certifications
We prioritize border security by participating in critical programs such as FAST, C-TPAT, PIP, CSA, and PARS & PAPS. These certifications ensure rigorous screening and safeguarding of shipments during border crossings. Additionally, we hold hazmat certification and SmartWay certification for environmentally responsible practices and comply with Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Our involvement in multiple programs and certifications backs our commitment to border security. We ensure thorough screening and protection of shipments at border crossings. Our hazmat certification, SmartWay certification, and adherence to ELD regulations further demonstrate our dedication to safety, environmental responsibility, and efficient operations.
Air, sea, and rail freight
Bulletproof is an expert in Canada-to-US fulfillment in LTL and TL modes, and we can enable unique cross-border e-commerce fulfillment strategies such as Section 321, which takes advantage of duty-free online shopping opportunities for US-based consumers. Unlock savings of up to 20% on duty and tariff costs by utilizing Section 321.
White-glove services
Count on Bulletproof to effectively and securely manage your exceptional and valuable merchandise. Whether your package is standard or delicate, oversized, or requires specialized setup, our skilled and proficient teams will transport, install, assemble, and configure everything with the highest level of precision and caution.

With our advanced tools and technology, we ensure optimized routes and real-time communication, enabling you to stay ahead in specialized delivery.

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Route optimization
Increase on-time arrivals and customer satisfaction by using real-time location and traffic information to dynamically schedule and re-route drivers.
GPS tracking
With GPS location tracking, we know where every one of our vehicles and assets is at all times.
Job dispatching
Improve delivery times by dispatching jobs instantly to available drivers and reconfiguring routes in real-time.
Our fleet is meticulously maintained, ensuring optimal performance and safety with routine inspections and servicing.
Comply with food safety legislation by using temperature monitoring to track the status of perishable goods in transit.
Load Utilization
Consolidate loads and optimize logistics with in-vehicle sensors that help identify extra capacity.
Asset Tracking
Access real-time location information about valuable assets, helping to prevent theft and manage warehouse inventory more effectively.
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Daily shipments
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We deliver to large retailers daily, ensuring seamless hand-off of fresh produce, goods and products to customers.
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